HY-TTC 32 2017-08-30T11:57:09+02:00

Project Description

The HY-TTC 32 is a compact control unit specially developed for use in cost-sensitive applications or smaller machines. The device is based on an Infineon XC22xx microcontroller and supports programming in C and CODESYS® V2.3. With its 30 freely configurable I/Os it can be operated
with a wide variety of sensors and actuators.
The 32 version is best suited for controlling proportional functions. Six out of the eight PWM outputs have integrated current measurement which means that, for example, up to three hydraulic axes can be current controlled. The HY-TTC 32 was specially developed for vehicles and machines used in rugged operating environments and at extreme operating temperatures. The device is protected by a proven, robust and compact housing, specially designed for the off-highway industry.


  • CPU Core
    • Infineon XC22xx 16 bit CPU running at 80 MHz
    • 768 kByte int. Flash, 82 kByte int. RAM, 8 kByte EEPROM
  • Interfaces
    • 2 x CAN, 125 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s,
    • 1 x CAN bus termination configurable via connector pins