We offer DESIGN services, centered on 3D drawing and modeling, to create projects, prototypes and products together with our partners with dynamism and passion. We take care of interpreting their needs with: availability, creativity, confidentiality.


Mechanical Engineering

Advanced mechanical engineering projects in the automotive sector.
Thanks to our engineers, we design and manufacture innovative solutions for armrests, seats and operator panels.


Software Engineering

Software engineering projects in the field of automation and business intelligence.
We develop customized software and security applications in the most varied sectors, also creating customized graphics for innovative and cutting-edge displays.


Custom wiring

We offer a service that includes the custom design and construction of wiring and electrical panels for integrated systems;
from the study of the electrical diagram and wiring drawings to production and assembly on the machine and on the machine.

We use the most suitable and resistant materials for the sector which, together with testing systems to guarantee the tightness and correct crimping, guarantee maximum reliability.